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Applies to: STACK-IT Version 7.1,
Release 20050901 and higher.
Some features not available in earlier versions.

Stock Generator Spreadsheet

The Stock Generator spreadsheet provides a means to manage stock data external to Stack-It and then create a stock.dat for use within Stack-It.

CAUTION: Since the file created using this spreadsheet will replace the stock.dat file in use by Stack-It, ALWAYS make a backup copy of the existing stock.dat file BEFORE creating a new one with the Stock Generator spreadsheet. Once the stock.dat file has been replaced with the new one, the process cannot be undone.


1) Download the ZIP file containing the Stock Generator spreadsheet.
        Click here to Download

2) Unzip the spreadsheet to a convenient location on your hard drive.

3) Open the spreadsheet and follow the instructions on the "Information" sheet.

Hint: To identify the specific information required for various parts styles in Stack-It, create a part with that style using the Stock screen in Stack-It and observe the data elements for that part style.

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